Nitsio - "There Was A Time"


Give Nitsio's latest deep house track, "There Was A Time," a listen. It's a compelling piece that blends minimalistic rhythms with soul-soothing jazz chords. This song is perfect for a beach club, whether you're part of a lively social gathering or just relaxing on your own.

Artist Insight:

Nitsio is a specialist in music that lifts the spirits. His signature style is infectious, making every listen a reason to smile. Nitsio has a talent for blending genres, which means that each track has a broad appeal and embodies the spirit of both minimal and jackin’ house.

Musical Elements:

"There Was A Time" is all about its minimalist house roots. It uses sparse but impactful beats to create space for the rich, melodic jazz chords that weave through the track. This choice of music sets a mood that is both uplifting and relaxing, which is perfect for a beach club setting where the waves meet the dance floor.

Trend in the industry:

As deep house keeps on developing, adding elements of jazz is becoming a popular way of making tracks more sophisticated and deep. Nitsio’s approach fits in with the current trend towards more eclectic and culturally rich house music, which is great for deep house fans of all kinds.

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