Mecca of Stank Ignites the Dance Floor with "Mon Aura (London Electro Mix)"


Mecca of Stank, a Canadian band, has just released a new track called "Mon Aura (London Electro Mix)." It's a funk/soul EDM masterpiece with a distinctive twist of disco, house, and UK trip hop. This track captures the vibrant energy of London's top dance clubs, combining old-school vibes with modern flair.

The track draws inspiration from legends like Michael Jackson and modern icons such as Chromeo and CSS, with an enchanting mix of French and English vocals paired with catchy UK rhymes. The French vocals soar over a rich tapestry of synthwave beats, while the English tropical house vocals and sharp female UK hip-hop rhymes ground the track in a uniquely urban vibe that's impossible not to groove to.

Since their debut in 2019, Mecca of Stank has been at the forefront of reviving and reshaping the funk genre. Their diverse mix of R&B, hip hop, jazz and more has not only defined their sound but has also established them as one of Canada's most innovative music groups. After the success of their single "Dopamine Dreams," the group is still pushing musical boundaries and spreading a positive message through their work.

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