Fricky's "Nattbuss" - A Transformative Journey Through the Night


Swedish artist Fricky bids farewell to his past and embarks on a new sonic adventure with his latest single, "Nattbuss" (Night Bus). The song, released on March 28th via his own label, Random Bastards, serves as a fitting introduction to his upcoming album, set to be released this spring. Produced by Joel Kiviaho, "Nattbuss" is a mesmerizing, atmospheric track that showcases Fricky's growth as an artist and his willingness to push boundaries with each new project.

A Melancholic Road Trip Through Memories

"Nattbuss" takes listeners on a reflective journey through the night, where memories and moments flicker past like scenery outside a bus window. The song's hypnotic production, courtesy of Joel Kiviaho, captures the essence of time passing and relationships evolving. Fricky's vulnerable and deeply personal lyrics were written in just 30 minutes while riding a night bus home from the studio.

Musically, "Nattbuss" is a departure from Fricky's earlier work. The atmospheric synths and driving bassline create a melancholic road trip vibe, guiding listeners through the hills and curves of the artist's introspective story. The song serves as a vehicle to introduce the forthcoming album, which is expected to explore even more new territories.

A Farewell to the Past, A Glimpse into the Future

Along with the single, Fricky has hinted that an accompanying music video will be released soon, showcasing a more fictional setting for the tracks on his upcoming album. "Nattbuss" is both a farewell to Fricky's past and an invitation for fans to join him on his new journey.

Fricky, born Erik Friman, has been a prominent figure in the Swedish music scene since the early 2010s. He started as part of the rap collective Random Bastards, eventually forming a duo with childhood friend Broder John called Broder John & Friman. The pair released Funk Flavored Boom Bap from 2012 to 2015 before embarking on separate musical paths in 2016.

Friman went on to create his alter ego, Fricky, inspired by a '90s RnB superstar. This new persona allowed him to explore more melodic and atmospheric sounds, diverging from his previous monotone rap style. Fricky became a conduit for Erik's inner thoughts, gaining popularity with contagious songs filled with playful lyrics and punchlines. After releasing the Aqua Aura EP in 2019, Fricky won "Artist of the Year" at the P3-Guld Gala.

With multiple tours, a pandemic, and the debut album Fricktion (2021) under his belt, Fricky is ready to take on a new challenge. "Nattbuss" is a transformative experience, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for this ever-evolving artist.

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