"Jupe Jupe Shines Bright with 'Secondhand Star' from their New Album 'Midnight Waits for No One'"

Seattle-based Jupe Jupe is back with another enthralling single, "Secondhand Star," a track that perfectly encapsulates the band's unique blend of disco, funk, and new-wave elements. Featured on their upcoming full-length album "Midnight Waits for No One," this song stands out for its immersive, dark, and danceable soundscape. With a history of six original albums under their belt, Jupe Jupe is no stranger to delivering captivating music, and "Secondhand Star" is no exception.

Recorded at the renowned No-Count Studios in Seattle, WA, "Secondhand Star" is the product of a stellar collaboration between the band and producer Evan Foster. Foster, known for his work with The Boss Martians and The Sonics, expertly captures the essence of Jupe Jupe's sound. Mixed by Matt Bayles, who has worked with the likes of Minus the Bear, Botch, and Murder City Devils, "Secondhand Star" benefits from the expertise of seasoned professionals in the music industry.

The track showcases Jupe Jupe's signature style, with soaring baritone vocals, soulful saxophone, and an infectious blend of synths, guitars, and live drums. My Young's crooning vocals float effortlessly over pulsing beats, while Bryan Manzo's prowess on guitar, bass, and saxophone cuts through the panoramic washes of synth. Patrick Partington's guitar work and Jarrod Arbini's drums and percussion contribute to the rich and immersive sound that makes "Secondhand Star" a standout.

The upcoming album "Midnight Waits for No One" is a testament to the band's perseverance and dedication, as they spent two years during the global pandemic writing a 12-song collection of darkwave-pop hooks. The album balances melancholy subject matter with escapism and hope, a fitting soundtrack for a world in transition.

Jupe Jupe, formed in 2010, has a history of collaborating with renowned artists and producers. Their remix album "Cut Up Kisses" featured the likes of Lusine, Rick G. Nelson of The Afghan Whigs, Mike Simonetti, Erik Blood, and more. With members who are veterans of the Seattle and Austin music scenes, Jupe Jupe brings a wealth of experience and a passion for creating memorable music to the table.

As we await the release of "Midnight Waits for No One" on No-Count Records, "Secondhand Star" offers an enticing preview of the band's latest creative endeavour. With its dark, danceable soundscape, this single is sure to resonate with long-time fans and newcomers alike. Stay tuned for more updates on Jupe Jupe's upcoming album, and prepare to lose yourself in the mesmerizing world of "Secondhand Star."


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