REYSHA RAMI Unleashes Electropop Anthem "PL4Y," Paving the Way for CYB3RP0P Domination

Rising genre-bending artist REYSHA RAMI is straddling the most experimental and mainstream sides of Pop music with her latest release "PL4Y," the first of many this year as part of a larger project called CYB3RP0P.

"PL4Y" is an anthem of owning your own sexuality and leaning into the art of playful flirting. The track boasts a mix of electronic, industrial dance, and techno-house sounds, inspired by the dance music of the 2008-2012 era that is making a huge comeback. REYSHA aims to get people moving, prescribing the notion that life may feel heavy, but we can escape for a few moments to disconnect and have fun.

REYSHA describes the sound of CYB3RP0P as "Slut Pop meets M.I.A." – music created for club and stadium scenes. With heavy synth bass lines, industrial and metallic sound design, and high-attitude vocal delivery, fans of COBRAH, Slayyyter, Ashnikko, or Kim Petras will resonate with this project. REYSHA's music encourages people to channel their inner rage while they shake their asses on the dance floor.

Born to Indian parents who immigrated to the U.S., REYSHA RAMI grew up in the suburbs of the Minneapolis-Twin Cities. She started her solo musical journey in 2016, drawing inspiration from artists like Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Kimbra. In 2019, REYSHA moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her music career and hone her craft, using the COVID pandemic as an opportunity to focus on her sound.

REYSHA's songwriting features poetic nonsense that, upon closer examination, is bizarre yet meaningful. Her tracks range from energizing, sex-dripping anthems to angsty, industrial dance songs. REYSHA confidently embraces the ugly, raw emotions that many of us yearn to release.

Operating under her pen name, REYSHA RAMI is a true force of nature, blending Pop electronica with industrial, metal, and punk sounds. She plans to consistently release singles that build the CYB3RP0P world and bring it to new audiences, with creative visuals already in the works. As REYSHA RAMI continues her ascent, keep your ears open for her high-energy brand of CYB3RP0P – you may not see her on the dance floor, but you'll certainly hear her music living there.


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