Exploring the Unstoppable Beats of Third Dimension - "Slap It Around"

From the energetic city of Karlsruhe, Germany emerges a DJ trio that's setting dancefloors ablaze with their captivating house music. Known as Third Dimension, these three friends have been working together since 2011 to create a unique and enthralling listening experience for their fans.

Starting with their "Soundbreak" mixtape series, Third Dimension showcased their innate ability to blend their own mashups and edits with the hottest house music releases. Their work gained traction quickly, earning praise from electronic music blogs around the world. Not only did their reputation soar, but their signature sound also became a staple of the Karlsruhe club scene.

Third Dimension's DJ sets are known for their impelling beats and seamless fusion of symphonious and pumping sounds. These lively performances have won the hearts of audiences everywhere, turning nights into unforgettable musical experiences. With a commitment to keeping their sets fresh, the trio brings music "from the store straightly to the turntables," ensuring they play the most current tracks before anyone else does.

Their success in Karlsruhe soon led to bookings at larger festivals throughout Germany, as well as international appearances in Brazil and Romania. Alongside their growing presence on the global stage, Third Dimension launched their own event brand, "Electronic Invasion." In 2016, they started releasing original tracks that quickly caught the attention of various international touring DJs.

Now, Third Dimension is back with their latest single, "Slap It Around." This future house anthem showcases the trio's continued evolution and undeniable skill in creating danceable, infectious tunes. Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of Third Dimension and their new release, "Slap It Around," which is sure to be a hit on dancefloors worldwide.

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