Lnt Mike aka Monsieur Rock: The Acid Mind Master


The electronic music scene is known for its diverse range of artists, each with its own unique style and sound. One such artist is Lnt Mike, also known as Monsieur Rock, who has been making waves with his acid-mind music. Drawing inspiration from the mysterious monolith Es Vedra and the confidential Ibiza vibes of venues like Sa Trincha and DC-10, Lnt Mike's music is a unique blend of retro acid house and Balearic techno. Let's dive into the world of this talented artist and explore the captivating soundscapes he creates.

Early Life and Career:

Lnt Mike was born in Belgium on January 16th, and his passion for electronic music began in the mid-nineties. Initially just a hobby, Mike soon realized that becoming a professional DJ was his ultimate goal. After a study break, he began DJing at rave parties and clubs in 2003, eventually obtaining certification as an Electronic Music Producer from SAE.edu in 2005.

Analog Love:

As a true enthusiast of the genre, Lnt Mike is the proud owner of rare vintage analogue machines, including the infamous Roland TB-303 and Roland TR-909. These prized possessions help to shape his unique sound, blending classic acid elements with a modern touch.

Label Beginnings:

In 2012, Lnt Mike founded his first electronic music label, MMA Records. After returning from a three-year stint in San Diego, he joined the WCIA Crew (We Call It Acid) in June 2014. This group of acid music aficionados was formerly known as Acidfood Concept, where Mike had been an active participant before his move to the United States. Mike then founded his second label, Analog Experience Records, with his cousin in January 2016.

Collaborations and Performances:

Lnt Mike has been fortunate enough to work with many talented artists over the years. He has performed live alongside Mike Dred, Outlander, Gomanu, Mr Gasmask, Analog Devices, DJ Snoop Talkbox, and Ege Bam Yasi, among others. Additionally, he has DJed with the likes of Gee Moore, Little Pat, Toxic R8, D-Jack, Jon Sa Trinxa, and many more.

Nabot Nation:

Under the name Nabot Nation, Lnt Mike collaborates with Gomanu to create a unique blend of music that electrifies dance floors. Their commitment to using only original and vintage acid music instruments gives their sound a distinctive edge, with the contrast between analogue and digital sounds always leaving audiences in awe.

Belgian Resistance:

Lnt Mike is also a member of the Belgian Resistance, a group of acid music enthusiasts known as the "bassline family." Each member owns at least one legendary TB-303 unit, and the group is working toward an ambitious goal: gathering a minimum of 40 TB-303 units to earn a world record, currently held by the Detroit Family of Underground Resistance.


With his unique sound and dedication to the roots of acid music, Lnt Mike, aka Monsieur Rock, is a true pioneer in the electronic music scene. Whether performing under his own name or as part of Nabot Nation, his passion for analogue sounds and live performances shines through, leaving audiences captivated and eager for more. Keep an eye on this talented artist and his numerous collaborations, as the world of acid music continues to evolve and thrive.


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