Redge's "We Make Angels": A Dystopian Techno Journey

When it comes to electronic music, the name Redge has been on the rise, especially in the Progressive Trance and Techno scenes. With a decade of DJing experience and a strong bond with Roll-In-Groove Records, Redge has been steadily climbing the ladder of success. As an artist whose roots can be traced back to the UK's illegal rave scene, he has since become a fixture in open-air UK festivals such as Illusive, Tearout, and No Mans Land. With ambitious plans to expand his reach into Europe and beyond, there's no doubt that Redge is one to watch.

His latest track, "We Make Angels," is a testament to his ever-evolving sound and growing expertise in the realm of Techno music. "We Make Angels" transports listeners into a dark and dystopian world, created by deep grooving techno beats, synth elements, and growing arpeggios that build into an energetic crescendo.

The track's structure is designed to take the audience on an exhilarating roller coaster ride. At the 1:00 mark, the first drop sets the tone for a hypnotic journey, followed by a break at 2:30, allowing for a brief moment of respite before plunging into another drop at 3:00. The ultimate peak of energy arrives at 3:45, aptly named "Power!!" by the artist himself.

The rolling drums that permeate "We Make Angels" create a relentless rhythmic foundation, while the dark and dystopian atmosphere adds an air of mystery and intrigue. The combination of these elements results in a track that is both captivating and immersive, leaving listeners eager for more.

Redge's journey from the underground rave scene to prominent UK festival stages is a testament to his dedication, passion, and talent. As he continues to refine his sound and reach new heights, the future looks incredibly bright for this talented artist.

For those interested in booking Redge for a live performance, you can reach out to
In the meantime, be sure to give "We Make Angels" a listen and experience the captivating world Redge has crafted with his latest release.

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