"Riccio & Cabrera's Debut Single 'U Got Me Waiting' Electrifies the EDM Scene"

A new powerhouse duo has arrived on the electronic dance music (EDM) scene with the release of their debut single, "U Got Me Waiting." Mezo Riccio and Adrian Cabrera, both accomplished artists, songwriters, and producers in their own right, have joined forces to create a fresh and exhilarating sound. Released on January 6, 2023, under the French EDM label Highfive Music Records, "U Got Me Waiting" is a tantalizing taste of what's to come from this promising collaboration.

The Collaboration:

Mezo Riccio and Adrian Cabrera are no strangers to the world of EDM, having individually made their mark in the industry. Their collaboration is a testament to their shared passion for electronic music and their commitment to creating innovative and exciting tracks. Combining their talents, Riccio and Cabrera are ready to take the EDM world by storm, with "U Got Me Waiting" serving as the perfect introduction to their partnership.

The Sound:

"U Got Me Waiting" is an energetic and infectious blend of electro-pop and EDM that will have listeners hooked from the very first beat. The track seamlessly weaves together catchy hooks, powerful vocals, and a pulsating beat, creating a sound that's both familiar and distinct. Riccio & Cabrera's expert production skills shine through in the polished and dynamic nature of the track, making it clear that this duo has a bright future ahead.

The Future:

With "U Got Me Waiting" setting the stage for Riccio & Cabrera's collaboration, fans of the duo can look forward to more original tracks that showcase their unique approach to EDM. Additionally, they plan to flex their production muscles by working on remixes for some of the hottest new songs in the genre. This dynamic pair has only just begun to make waves in the EDM scene, and their future releases are eagerly anticipated.


"U Got Me Waiting" is a powerful debut that establishes Riccio & Cabrera as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music world. The track's irresistible energy and captivating sound demonstrate the duo's immense talent and potential for further success. Keep an eye on Riccio & Cabrera, as they are undoubtedly going to continue to push boundaries and bring fresh, innovative sounds to the EDM scene.

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