LoMalo's "Dubai": Transcending Boundaries with Voice Memos, Beats, and Fans' Heartbeats

Well, folks, brace yourselves for a rich auditory treat! I've been tapping into the sound waves of a certain LoMalo, real name Niek Braun, who's been painting quite an alluring picture on the vast canvas of music.

TikTok has been a stage for Braun to flaunt his flair, amassing an impressive 75,000 followers in the opening week. Now, that's not the sound of fleeting digital fame; it's the echo of true talent resonating with a multitude of people.

LoMalo's latest track "Dubai" comes straight off his new EP 'Voice Memos'. Now, if you're wondering what's so unique about it, let me lay it down for you. LoMalo asked fans to slide into his DMs with recorded messages, then turned these intriguing snippets into the heart of his songs. A musical project made from real emotions and experiences, if that doesn't touch a chord, I don't know what will!

Around the 45-second mark, "Dubai" dives deep into a groove that is hard to shake off. Amidst the EP's collection, this gem, polished with seductive beats, truly shines. It's not only catchy but an embodiment of LoMalo's creativity and craft.

During the lockdown, Braun paired with GINA, birthing the addictive house single "Silence". Music often reflects its makers, and this duo's creation mirrors their harmony. Between LoMalo's instrumental mastery and GINA's lyrical prowess, "Silence" surely isn't silent about the talent it holds.

LoMalo's past tunes have struck the right notes, racking up over half a million streams. Big names have taken notice too, with shoutouts from Studio 54 Music, Sofi Tukker, and Defected featuring him four times on their socials. He even had a taste of commercial success when Volkswagen tapped him for a Berlin ad run.

Let's raise the volume on LoMalo, a music maestro who is undeniably worth your ear time.

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