"Fanfare (Radio-Edit)" - The Electrifying Fusion by ButchVoyage x Third Dimension


ButchVoyage, known to the world as Denno, is back and commanding attention with his latest creation: "Fanfare (Radio-Edit)" in collaboration with Third Dimension. Since going solo in 2023, his charismatic presence has been electrifying audiences all over the globe.

ButchVoyage’s journey, which began in 2016, has seen him don multiple hats - a DJ, a producer, a songwriter, and even a guitar player. This multifaceted artist's heart beats to the rhythm of House music, a genre that dominates the clubs where he performs. Whether you find him in Germany or any international stage, his immersive sets never fail to create an electrifying atmosphere that leaves the crowd longing for more.

The collaboration between ButchVoyage and Third Dimension in "Fanfare (Radio-Edit)" showcases the best of Electropop. It’s a sonic tapestry filled with catchy melodies, infectious beats, and mesmerizing guitar arrangements. Denno's self-penned lyrics, profound and resonant, add to the track's allure. It's no surprise that with over a million streams, Denno's music has been embraced by German radio giants like sunshine live and Big FM.

"Fanfare (Radio-Edit)" represents a milestone in ButchVoyage’s career. The fusion of pop and electronic music in this track is an irresistible blend that stands as a testament to his growth as an artist. The world watches as this media artist continues to make significant waves in the global music scene. And we can only wait, yearningly, to see where he takes us next.

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