Paul Mayson & Isabèl Usher Unite for a Summer Anthem: "Missing You" - A New Wave in Electronic Music


Paul Mayson is at it again, and this time he's pulling out all the stops with his brand-new single "Missing You," featuring the multi-platinum sensation of the year, Isabèl Usher. Released through Sony Music, this track is a siren call heralding the imminent drop of Mayson's debut album "One Life," complete with an intriguing digital art piece.

"Missing You" is not just another dance-pop mash-up. It’s a sophisticated journey, straddling the realms of forward-thinking house and enchanting pop. Mayson, the Dutch maestro, melds his early love for house music with an eclectic range of collaborations and fresh sounds. Isabèl Usher's vocal grace adds the cherry on top, making the track a beguiling auditory delight.

Mayson's own words best encapsulate the essence of "Missing You": “It’s a dance track, but it has a ballad and a duet built inside of it! We wanted to make it energetic, but still emotionally charged.” He's experimenting with new percussive house sounds, dual vocals, and emotional layers, forging an energetic yet tender summer anthem.

The prodigy's journey from a teen DJ to a hundred-million-stream powerhouse is nothing short of inspiring. Collaborations with stars like Yelawolf, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and Sam Feldt pepper his meteoric rise, culminating in a Sony Music deal and an MTV breakthrough artist tag.

"Missing You" feels like a stepping stone towards Mayson's ultimate goal: to resurrect the “nostalgic, positive, and liberating feeling of electronic music and club culture” in a fresh and captivating way. And with this single, he's doing exactly that, breathing new life into electronic music, one beat at a time.


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