"So Good" by Tobtok x farfetch'd: A Playful Experimentation and A Refreshing New Sound in the 'My Friends' EP


Swedish producers Tobtok and farfetch'd have always found joy in defying expectations. Their newest release, "So Good," from the much-anticipated 'My Friends' EP, is no exception. Leaving their chart-topping past behind, the duo sets out to redefine their sound, emphasizing the joy of creation.

Following the experimental track "I Like When You," praised by tastemakers like Auntie Flo and Sam Divine, "So Good" serves as a delightful surprise. This high-energy stutter house tune seamlessly blends a stylish drill beat and an uplifting choir vocal, showcasing Tobtok and farfetch'd at their most inspired and playful.

The forthcoming 'My Friends' EP, set for a September release on Perfect Havoc, is a genre-spanning journey through disco, breakbeat, drum and bass, and house. Tobtok's extensive history, including a notable EP on Kitsuné and dancefloor hits on Selected, meets farfetch'd's youthful energy, influenced by the likes of Axtone and Soave.

The story of "So Good" is a creative tale told by Tobtok (Tobias Karlsson), which began as an almost Spanish, tribalesque record. The initial idea was discarded for a more "trendy" approach, leading to an infectious stutter house sound that retains its uniqueness through a powerful choir vocal.

Old-time friends Tobtok and farfetch'd (Jerry Sjödin and Johnny Bergström) have put together an EP that is as technical as it is playful. The concept was simple: make music they love, without concern for streams or viral success. "We just wanted to make music that we like," Tobtok explains.

From nu-disco
to French house, these two producers continue to push boundaries, and "So Good" is a promising sign of what's to come on 'My Friends' EP. It's a refreshing reminder to forget numbers and statistics and focus on the pure, unfiltered joy of music-making.

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