The Hypnotic Fusion of Dacris x Menuette's "Addicted"


When two artists come together, the outcome can either be a discordant clash or an enchanting symphony. In the case of "Addicted" by Dacris x Menuette, it's unarguably the latter. The dance-pop track swirls around in your ears and mind, and days later, you’ll find yourself humming its infectious beats.

Dacris, already an intriguing figure in the music scene, brings to the table an impressive wealth of musical knowledge. Having studied a range of instruments, from the classic piano to the mesmerizing oriental oud and qanun, his compositions are nothing short of a cultural tapestry. What sets "Addicted" apart is how Dacris masterfully blends Deep House's heart-pounding beats with the soulful allure of traditional oriental instruments.

For those already acquainted with Dacris, his foray into dance-pop comes as no surprise. He's always been a pioneer, daring to introduce new flavours into his music. But for newcomers, "Addicted" serves as a delightful initiation into his world where East meets West and tradition dances with modernity.

As the music industry awaits Dacris's upcoming album, whispers of it being a revolutionary meld of Eastern and Western musical ethos grow louder. If "Addicted" is just the beginning, music enthusiasts are in for an epic sonic journey.

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