"TOO LATE" - SAGEALINA's Empowering Anthem of Letting Go and Moving On


It's never easy letting go, especially when indecision plays a part in the story. That's exactly the emotional narrative painted by SAGEALINA in her new track, "TOO LATE." This Los Angeles-based songstress, a vibrant blend of Brazilian and European descent, takes her pain and makes it into art, turning a personal experience into a universal anthem.

Born on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, SAGEALINA's music is unpredictable, magnetizing, and downright authentic. Her sound is a cocktail of vocal house and dance-pop that teases the senses and tells a story that's akin to a book you can't stop reading. The fashion-savvy artist knows how to create a hook, both musically and visually, and "TOO LATE" is no exception.

The single, available on all platforms on July 14th, tackles the reality of moving on from someone who was never truly there. It's a post-mortem on a relationship that shouldn't have been, a tale of "you had me, lost me, and now it's too late." It's a lyrical journey of empowerment, and I can't help but find myself nodding along, feeling the beat and the truth in every word.

Make sure to catch the official music video on YouTube on July 15th. And for those still hungry for more, SAGEALINA's upcoming EP, "GIRL CRUSH," releasing in August, promises to be another exciting chapter in this fascinating artist's musical diary.


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