Sam Blacky's "Munca": A Sultry Afrohouse Masterpiece from Thrive Music


Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Sam Blacky is back and taking us on an ethereal journey with her second single of 2023, "Munca," released on Thrive Music. This tribal/afro-house gem is the latest offering from the globe-trotting artist, and it's evident that the rhythms of the world have truly permeated her sound.

"Munca" follows Sam's recent single "Bogota" and continues to build upon the musical themes she's been exploring since 2021. With driving basslines, tribal melodies, and mesmerizing vocals, it's easy to be whisked away to an African paradise where the music never stops, and the dance floor is alive.

But what makes "Munca" really stand out? Sam herself has claimed it to be her favourite record on the upcoming EP. The ethereal tribal rhythm and her love for Afro-House shine through every beat, creating a unique musical experience that resonates with her evolving sound.

Since her time in Australia where she fell in love with producing music, Sam's journey in the public eye has been nothing short of exciting. From playing gigs in exotic locations like Ibiza and Bali to live-streaming sets during the pandemic, she has never ceased to innovate and share her passion for global sounds.

This exciting new release marks yet another step towards her artistic vision, and fans of Sam Blacky won't want to miss what she's cooking up next. Grab your download or stream "Munca" now and let the rhythm take you away.

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