Juli Chan's Unforgettable Return: 'Stuck in My Head'


Have you heard the catchy chorus that's ringing in everyone's ears? I'm talking about Juli Chan's latest hit, "Stuck in My Head!" And trust me, it's as unforgettable as a passionate holiday romance, and it's here to stay.

After a remarkable transformation, the 19-year-old Julia Chmielarska, now performing as Juli Chan, is back, surprising even her most dedicated fans with powerful club sounds that resonate with a new wave of energy. Riding high on the success of a collaboration with Cleo and a top-ranked cover of "Joe Le Taxi," Juli's new single offers something fresh.

Wondering if Juli has been through an intense love affair that inspired this track? The song's emotional depth and relatable lyrics, crafted in collaboration with LAWRENT, a London-based producer whose work has already accumulated 750 million streams, suggest a real connection to the subject matter. This song isn't just another hit; it's a testament to the artist's growth and depth.

But what really steals the show is the visually stunning video clip that accompanies the song's release. A perfect blend of visual art and sound, mastered and mixed by LAWRENT and released under Metascope Music, this music video is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Whether you're a long-time fan or just hearing her name for the first time, Juli Chan's "Stuck in My Head" is a track you don't want to miss. Catch it on the airwaves across Europe, including the UK, France, and Poland's leading radio stations. It's not just a song; it's a musical experience that will be... well, stuck in your head.

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