"Riton's Fresh Hit ‘Never Knew Love feat. Enisa’: A Collaboration with Belters Only That'll Get You Moving!"


Well, fam, it's here! The much-anticipated banger, ‘Never Knew Love feat. Enisa’ by the GRAMMY-winning DJ and producer Riton, has finally hit the airwaves. Collaborating with buzzing Irish House group Belters Only, Riton has brought something fresh to our playlists that's absolutely electrifying.

This track is already getting massive love from the fans. Let's dive in and see what the hype is all about.

From the moment you hit play, ‘Never Knew Love’ bursts forth with an infectious energy that's quintessentially Riton. The beat hits you hard, but it's the melody that'll catch you. The production is top-notch, with synths that cut through and a rhythm that won't let your feet stay still.

The guest vocals from Enisa add a sultry layer to the mix, her voice gliding over the beats and entwining perfectly with the groove. Belters Only's signature House vibe ties everything together and brings a level of sophistication to the song that's rare in the current scene.

‘Never Knew Love’ isn’t just a dance track – it's a feeling, a mood. It's that song that comes on at the club, and suddenly, you're alive, lost in the music. Riton has done it again, folks, and we're here for it.

Catch this tune on all platforms and let us know what you think. Happy listening!

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