"David Fritz's 'I Want It' Gets an Uplifting Remix by Doppe & Kokke"


In the ever-evolving landscape of deep house music, it's rare to find tracks that not only make you move but also move you. Enter the latest sensation, a remix of David Fritz's "I Want It" by the dynamic duo Doppe & Kokke. With their roots in Sweden and currently making a splash in Switzerland, Doppe & Kokke are on a mission to infuse the deep house scene with a dose of hope and happiness.

Their remix of "I Want It" is a testament to their unique approach to music. By weaving real-life experiences into their sounds, they create modern anthems that resonate with listeners on a personal level. It's not just about the rhythm or the beat; it's about creating a moment, a feeling that stays with you long after the song has ended.

Doppe & Kokke believe that music has the power to touch hearts, uplift spirits, and even change lives. While they humbly admit that their songs might not transform the world overnight, the impact they aim for is no less significant. This remix is a perfect example of how they envision their music - as a beacon of hope and a source of happiness for everyone who listens.

Their musical journey from the serene landscapes of Sweden to the vibrant scene in Switzerland is a story of growth, passion, and the relentless pursuit of making a mark in the deep house genre. With each track, Doppe & Kokke are steadily gaining popularity, proving that genuine, heartfelt music knows no borders.

As the deep house genre continues to expand, the remix of "I Want It" by Doppe & Kokke stands out as a beacon of innovation and emotion. It's a reminder that in the right hands, music can be a powerful tool for connection and change.

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