Discover the Groove: Nico Falla's "Party's Over" - A Must-Add to Your Playlist



In the dynamic realm of Tech House, a fresh wave named Nico Falla emerges, captivating ears and hearts with his latest hit, "Party's Over". This radio edit not only encapsulates the essence of Tech House but also elevates it, offering a unique blend of catchy vocals and groovy beats that promise to be the highlight of any playlist.

Hailing from the vibrant cultures of Guatemala and Mexico City, Nico Falla is not just another name in the music scene. With a background enriched by early musical exploration and a formal education in Audio Engineering, Falla's journey from a 12-year-old music enthusiast to a defining artist on the Tech House scene is nothing short of inspiring. His dedication to sound and technical mastery has already placed him on the stage of prestigious festivals such as Ultra Resistance and Empire Music Festival, marking his territory in the electronic music world.

"Party's Over" stands as a testament to Nico Falla's evolving artistry. The track's infectious rhythm and immersive vocals are designed to transport listeners to a world where the party never ends. It's an anthem for the ride home, a staple for club nights, and a must-have for festival goers seeking the next big hit.

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