Discover Sofia Carson's Latest Heartbreak Anthem: "Joke's On Me"


In the landscape of dance-pop, Sofia Carson stands as a beacon of heartfelt storytelling and musical innovation. Following her emotionally charged single "I Hope You Know," Carson is back to tug at our heartstrings with "Joke's On Me," a poignant exploration of love's illusions and the pain of heartbreak. Released through Hollywood Records, this track is not just a song but an experience, heightened by a live performance music video directed by Kyle Goldberg. Captured in one take, the video accentuates the raw emotion and Carson's compelling stage presence.

"Joke's On Me" is crafted in collaboration with Johan Carlsson, a name synonymous with hits for artists like Céline Dion, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. This partnership has birthed a song that stands as a timeless testament to Carson's discography. The track’s narrative, rich in emotive storytelling and Carson's signature vocal prowess, navigates the terrain of a shattered heart with elegance and depth. The musical arrangement—piano-led with sorrowful cello lines and ethereal synths—creates a beautifully orchestrated backdrop for Carson's vocal delivery, encapsulating the essence of heartache and the beauty found within its pain.

Sofia Carson's journey is a remarkable tale of talent, advocacy, and resilience. With over 2.2 billion streams to her name and impactful roles as a UNICEF Ambassador and a celebrated advocate for education, Carson's influence transcends music. Her performances at the 95th Academy Awards and the Global Citizen Festival, coupled with her advocacy work, showcase a star whose brightness is ever-increasing, with "Joke's On Me" adding yet another captivating chapter to her story.

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