Kubilay Sen's "About You" - A Sonic Journey Through Deep and Afro House



Unveiling Kubilay Sen's Latest Musical Gem: "About You"

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, it's rare to stumble upon tracks that genuinely stand out and captivate the soul. Kubilay Sen's latest single, "About You," does just that. Emerging from the vibrant streets of Vienna, Kubilay brings a fresh perspective to the Deep House scene, merging it with the rhythmic beats of Afro House to create a sound that's both innovative and timeless.

"About You" is not just a song; it's an experience. Designed to transport listeners to a world of summery vibes and chill atmospheres, this track is a testament to Kubilay's unique ability to blend genres seamlessly. With its deep, pulsating beats and a hint of ethnic flair, "About You" pays homage to the traditional roots of house music while exploring new sonic territories.
Kubilay Sen: A Maestro of Musical Fusion

Born in Vienna in 1996, Kubilay Sen has always been fascinated by the power of music. His journey began with the darbuka, a traditional drum, laying the groundwork for his deep connection with ethnic sounds. This early exposure to music's diverse spectrum is evident in his work, where he masterfully combines deep house with afro house elements, creating tracks that resonate with a broad audience.

Since releasing his debut single "Tara" with Agamola in 2020, Kubilay has continued to redefine the boundaries of electronic music. His latest offering, "About You," showcases his evolution as an artist and his dedication to producing music that not only moves the body but also the soul.
A Must-Listen for Fans of Deep and Afro House

For those who appreciate the depth and complexity of electronic music, "About You" is a must-listen. Kubilay Sen's knack for creating music that's both emotionally engaging and technically sound makes this track a standout piece in the world of Deep House and Afro House.

As the music industry continues to embrace genre-blending sounds, Kubilay Sen is undoubtedly an artist to watch. His innovative approach and dedication to his craft signal a bright future for this talented producer and DJ.

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