Samm (BE) x Ajna (BE) - "Secundo": A Tribal Afro House Gem Ready for Your Playlists


In the bustling world of electronic music, a new anthem has emerged from the collaborative genius of Samm (BE) and Ajna (BE). Titled "Secundo," this track is an intoxicating blend of Tribal and Afro House, with elements of Melodic Techno & House and Deep House. Premiered last summer at the iconic Hï Ibiza by none other than Keinemusik, "Secundo" has since been earmarked as a must-have for any discerning playlist curator.

The song itself is a testament to the duo's ability to blend rhythmic complexity with melodic grace. The tribal beats and Afro House elements provide a grounded, earthy vibe, while the melodic techno and deep house components elevate the track into a transcendent experience for listeners. It's this fusion of styles that sets "Secundo" apart in a crowded genre, promising to captivate both the dancefloor and the solitary listener seeking a sonic escape.

Samm (BE) and Ajna (BE)'s backgrounds in electronic music production shine through in "Secundo," with each artist bringing their unique flair to the collaboration. Their synergy is palpable, resulting in a track that is both innovative and deeply rooted in the traditions of its genres.

The premiere of "Secundo" at Hï Ibiza was a significant milestone for the track, receiving acclaim from the crowd and critics alike. Its inclusion in playlists and sets since then underscores its appeal and versatility within the electronic music scene.

For fans of Tribal, Afro House, Melodic Techno & House, and Deep House, "Secundo" is not just a song but a journey. It invites listeners to immerse themselves in its layers, rhythms, and melodies, offering a fresh and exhilarating musical experience.

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