Drew Dapps - The Sound of Evolution: "Vibe 96 (Remix by Drew Dapps)"


In the dynamic world of Deep House and Minimal music, few releases capture the essence of innovation and nostalgic groove quite like the latest remix from Drew Dapps, "Vibe 96", originally by Jizz. This highly anticipated remix has quickly become a staple in the playlists of DJs and influencers, showcasing Drew Dapps' unique ability to blend infectious grooves with vibrant basslines and lush chord play.

Hailing from San Diego, Drew Dapps is no stranger to the electronic music scene. With roots initially planted in the hip-hop terrains of Las Vegas, Dapps' journey into the realm of house music is a testament to his versatility and deep-seated passion for music that moves the soul. His transition from hip-hop to house has not only marked a significant evolution in his musical career but has also introduced a fresh, forward-thinking sound to the Deep House and Minimal genres.

"Vibe 96" is a perfect example of Dapps' commitment to producing music that resonates on a global scale. Having garnered millions of streams worldwide and acclaim from industry legends and publications alike, Drew Dapps' sound transcends geographical boundaries, connecting with fans from California to Latin America. His live performances, characterized by self-produced slappers, have captivated audiences across international borders, earning him a spot among the rising stars in the electronic music scene.

What sets Drew Dapps apart is not just his musical talent but his relentless dedication to his craft. Inspired by the vibrant and evolving house scene of San Diego, he has spent countless hours refining his sound, a journey that mirrors his days as a skater kid embracing the grind. "The artist’s journey is anything but a smooth ride," he remarks, highlighting the beautiful complexity of evolving as an artist.

With co-signs from top names in the industry, such as John Summit and HoneyLuv, and recognition from underground legends like Jizz and DeMarzo, Drew Dapps is undeniably on the rise. His story is one of inspiration, proving that with passion and perseverance, the boundaries of music can be pushed to new heights.

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