Hot Pursuit's "Gone Cold (Thank You)" - A Fresh Take on a Classic Hook


In the ever-evolving landscape of dance music, California's own Hot Pursuit is turning heads and moving feet with his latest track, "Gone Cold (Thank You)." This track stands out as a vibrant homage to Dido's iconic song "Thank You," transforming the memorable line "My tea’s gone cold…" into a fresh hook that melds perfectly with an energetic tech-future-house backing. The addition of epic live strings elevates the track, making it a main room anthem in the making.

Since bursting onto the scene in December 2019, Hot Pursuit has become synonymous with high-energy performances and innovative music that bridges the gap between techno's infectious rhythms and house music's hypnotic basslines. A native of the sun-soaked shores of California, he has quickly ascended the ranks to become a sought-after DJ, known for his ability to connect with audiences worldwide through his electrifying remixes and original tracks.

"Gone Cold (Thank You)" is more than just a song; it's a testament to Hot Pursuit's growth as an artist and his unique ability to breathe new life into classic hits. With its tech house, deep house, and EDM influences, the track is poised to set dance floors ablaze, showcasing Hot Pursuit's skill in creating music that resonates with fans of diverse electronic genres.

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