Italian DJ Sensation DAMANTE Lights Up the Dance Floor with "Turn Me On"


In an electrifying collaboration that's set to redefine the boundaries of Tech House and Dance Pop, Italian DJ and producer DAMANTE teams up with the legendary Gabry Ponte to release their latest single, "Turn Me On," via Cr2 Records. This track arrives hot on the heels of DAMANTE's announcement of his upcoming residency at Zouk Las Vegas, promising a year filled with unforgettable performances.

"Turn Me On" is a masterful blend of sultry vocals, Latin-infused melodies, and a pulsating tech-house bassline that's guaranteed to ignite dance floors worldwide. DAMANTE's innovative approach to music, combined with Gabry Ponte's legendary status, creates a sound that's both fresh and irresistibly catchy.

DAMANTE, known for his dynamic energy and ability to captivate audiences, shares his journey from playing at parties for fun to becoming a resident DJ in one of Las Vegas's most celebrated nightclubs. His collaboration with Gabry Ponte marks the beginning of a new chapter in his music career, one that promises to bring even more success and recognition.

With a history of opening for industry giants and a discography that includes hits like "Follow My Pump," DAMANTE is no stranger to success. His latest venture, "Turn Me On," is not just a track but a statement of his evolving musical journey and ambition to conquer stages across the USA and beyond.

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