Jax Jones and Zoe Wees Team Up with Pikachu for Electrifying New Single "Never Be Lonely"



In an electrifying fusion of music and fantasy, Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Jax Jones has teamed up with German pop sensation Zoe Wees and the iconic Pokémon, Pikachu, to release their new single, "Never Be Lonely." Released on 9 February 2024, this track is already setting the stage for an unforgettable year in music, following Jax Jones' chart-topping success in 2023.

"Never Be Lonely" is more than just a song; it's an enchanting journey that bridges the gap between the world of music and the beloved universe of Pokémon. The official music video invites fans into a futuristic world where Jax Jones, Zoe Wees, and Pikachu captivate audiences with a mesmerizing performance, highlighted by a special appearance from Pokémon Ceruledge, sparking a universal celebration of music and friendship.

Jax Jones, a huge Pokémon enthusiast, describes the collaboration as a dream come true, emphasizing the song's exploration into the heart of music and camaraderie. Zoe Wees echoes this sentiment, expressing her delight in joining forces with Jones and contributing to a magical musical experience.

This latest venture marks another successful collaboration between Jax Jones and The Pokémon Company International, reinforcing Jones' innovative approach to music. With previous hits like "Need You Now" and "Me & My Guitar," Jones continues to push the boundaries of his musical repertoire, leading up to his eagerly anticipated 2024 EP, Midnight Snacks.

"Never Be Lonely" promises to be the first of many hits from Jax Jones in 2024, inviting listeners to embark on a sonic adventure filled with unity, friendship, and the magic of music.

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