Scalla's Heart: A New Beat in the Deep House Scene



Emerging from the vibrant streets of San Francisco, Scalla (Cameron Jones) is quickly becoming a name to remember in the electronic music world. His latest track, "Heart," marks a significant milestone as his first to be signed by a label, showcasing his innovative fusion of deep house and dance pop. Scalla's music is a testament to his broad palette of influences, blending the pulsating rhythms of trance, techno, and progressive house with the soulful vibes of alternative, pop, and funk. This rich mix results in a sound characterized by heavy bass, dynamic synths, and intricate rhythms that promise to keep listeners engaged.

Scalla's journey into music began in the Bay Area, where he was exposed to a diverse musical landscape. This variety has seeped into his productions, giving rise to complex melodies and captivating grooves that stand out in the crowded electronic music scene. As a producer and DJ, Scalla has garnered a following for his boundary-pushing tracks and electrifying live performances. His presence on popular electronic music channels on YouTube and SoundCloud is a testament to his growing popularity.

As Scalla continues to evolve his sound, his dedication to pushing the limits of electronic music is clear. He is not just making music; he is shaping the future of deep house and dance pop. With "Heart," Scalla invites listeners to join him on a journey of musical exploration that is both innovative and deeply personal. Follow Scalla on Spotify to keep up with his latest releases and find out where you can experience his mesmerizing performances live.


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