Westend x Max Styler Ignite the Dance Floor with "Rhythm Machine"

In the world of tech house, few names have risen as quickly and vibrantly as Westend, the alias of New York City's own Tyler Morris. With a deep-rooted passion for electronic music, cultivated in the very streets of The Bronx—home to Robert Moog’s alma mater—Westend embodies the essence of NYC's relentless energy and eclectic soundscapes. His latest collaboration with Max Styler, "Rhythm Machine," is a testament to his skill, blending robotic vocals with the driving basslines and crisp production that have become his trademark.

From the heat of NYC summers to its bone-chilling winters, Morris's journey from an eager student of electronic music to a defining figure in the US tech-house scene is nothing short of remarkable. His 2018 breakout was just the beginning; tracks like ‘Friend Zone’ and ‘Detonate’ have since topped charts, while his dynamic presence on stage has captivated audiences across 80 shows nationwide, including highlights like Dirtybird Campout West and Elrow NYC.

"Rhythm Machine" is more than just a track; it's a pulse-pounding journey into the heart of dance music, showcasing Westend's ability to innovate within the tech-house genre. His work has not only garnered support from industry titans like Claude VonStroke, Diplo, and Tiesto but also solidified his position as a must-watch artist, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in electronic music.

This release reflects the evolving landscape of tech house, a genre that thrives on innovation and the fusion of diverse sound elements. Westend, with his knack for blending quirky vocals with thunderous basslines, represents the forward-thinking creativity that keeps the dance music scene vibrant and ever-changing.

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