Zulhou's Latest Masterpiece: "Come What May"

In the ever-evolving world of Deep House music, Zulhou has once again made a significant mark with its latest release, "Come What May." This track marks their 20th release under the Zulhou alias, showcasing not only their prolific nature but also their unwavering dedication to the craft of music production. Oliver and Michael, the German duo behind Zulhou, have once again demonstrated their versatility and skill by writing, singing, producing, mixing, and mastering "Come What May" entirely on their own.

Zulhou's sound has always been a captivating blend of melodic, tech, dark, and indie elements, setting them apart in the Deep House genre. Their unique approach to music production has consistently garnered attention, with their last ten releases charting in the Top 5 of the SubmitHub House charts—a testament to their growing influence and popularity in the scene.

"Come What May" is a reflection of Zulhou's mastery over their music. The track is a journey through deep, pulsating beats, enriched with melodic synths that create an immersive listening experience. It embodies the dark, yet hopeful essence of Deep House, making it a perfect listen for both club nights and introspective moments.

Zulhou's dedication to their art is evident in the meticulous attention to detail in "Come What May." This self-sufficiency in music production is a rare feat in today's music industry, showcasing their talent and passion for music.

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