Biscits x TOBEHONEST - "I Am The One"


Diving deep into the pulsating heart of Tech House, Biscits, in collaboration with TOBEHONEST, releases "I Am The One" under the vibrant banner of Insomniac Records. This track is a testament to the ever-evolving soundscape of electronic music, marrying hypnotic rhythms with the cutting-edge vibrancy of Tech House.

Artist Spotlight: Biscits (Luke Jones)

Hailing from Southampton, UK, Luke Jones, better known by his stage name Biscits, has journeyed from the early Trap scene vibes of Gold Top to the rich depths of Deep and Tech House. Since his transformative year in 2016, Biscits has been crafting sounds that not only fulfill the genre's demands but also embed his unique signature within each beat. Influenced by giants like Tiga, Disclosure, and Solomun, Biscits’ music is a blend of captivating rhythms and innovative soundscapes.

Currently aligned with Midnineties, Biscits continues to enchant the electronic music community, both through his releases and his engaging live streams, where he shares his favorite tracks and mixes.

The Tech House Trend

"I Am The One" arrives at a time when Tech House stands as a colossus in the electronic music scene. Its ability to infuse elements of techno with the soulful rhythms of house music makes it a genre that constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity and danceability.

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