CVBZ Teams Up with Anna Clendening and teamwork for the Electrifying Single "Somebody To You"


In the ever-evolving world of dance-pop, it's rare to stumble upon a track that truly resonates with the complexities of modern love and self-worth. Yet, CVBZ, alongside the talented Anna Clendening and teamwork, achieves just that with their latest single, "Somebody To You." Since bursting onto the alt-pop scene in 2016 with a viral debut EP, CVBZ has been a musical touchstone for many, weaving healing narratives with his sound. The new song is no exception, embodying a rich tapestry of emotions akin to the styles of The 1975 and Troye Sivan.

"Somebody To You" is a poignant exploration of contemporary relationships' fragility, delivered with an infectious energy that defines the genre. CVBZ's history of impressive collaborations, including with Fetty Wap and Cheat Codes, sets a high bar that this new track effortlessly meets. With over 50 million streams since his post-pandemic return, CVBZ continues to build a strong community of fans seeking solace in his music. His commitment to sharing his life and music with his audience has cultivated a following of over 50k on social media, eagerly awaiting his monthly releases.

This song stands as a testament to CVBZ's growth as an artist and his ability to connect with listeners on a deeply personal level. It's a genre-defying anthem that captures the essence of dance-pop in 2024 while maintaining a heartfelt message about love and self-discovery.

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