Galestian x Run Rivers: A Skyward Sonic Journey with "We'll Learn to Fly"


Dive into the immersive world of melodic techno and house with "We'll Learn to Fly," the latest auditory gem from Global Entry Recordings. This track stands out not only for its spot on Spotify's "Electronic Rising" Editorial Playlist but also for the collaboration between the masterful Galestian and the ethereal vocals of Run Rivers, enhanced further by a stirring remix from Morttagua.

The Collaborative Genius Behind the Music

Galestian, a name synonymous with eclectic electronic beats, finds his roots in the vibrant cities of Los Angeles and Berlin. His music, a testament to his globe-trotting adventures and love for diverse cultures, resonates with a broad audience, earning accolades from industry giants like Nicole Moudaber and Nora En Pure.

Run Rivers, a voice that echoes the depths of the soul, brings his experience from working with prestigious labels such as Anjunadeep and Purified Records. His vocals guide listeners on a transformative journey, making "We'll Learn to Fly" a track that transcends mere listening into an experience.

The Morttagua Touch

Adding a unique layer to this release is Morttagua's remix, infusing the track with a dark, progressive energy that captivates and transports listeners to unexplored sonic landscapes. Hailing from the vibrant Brazilian electronic music scene, Morttagua's contribution highlights the track's global appeal and innovative sound.

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