Hayden James and Anabel Englund's "Different Worlds" - A Melodic House Masterpiece


Hayden James, the multi-platinum Australian producer known for his sun-soaked electronic anthems, has joined forces with California's very own vocal powerhouse, Anabel Englund, to gift the music world with their latest collaboration, "Different Worlds". Released under Ultra Records/Sony Music on March 15, 2024, this track is a brilliant fusion of James's dance-pop finesse and Englund's captivating vocals, making it a standout addition to any melodic house playlist.

"Different Worlds" is more than just a song; it's an experience. With its organic basslines and breezy melodies that culminate in euphoric drops, it's clear this track was crafted with the dance floor in mind. But what sets it apart is its emotive depth, encapsulated in the poignant lyric, 'who am I without you?'. It's a sentiment that resonates deeply, adding layers to the track's danceable beats.

Both artists are on the brink of a monumental year. Hayden James, who has captivated listeners worldwide with hits like "Something About You" and "Numb", is fresh off the release of his successful sophomore album "Lifted". Anabel Englund, meanwhile, continues to break records and boundaries, becoming the first female artist to dominate the US Dance Radio Charts and snag the iHeartRadio Dance Artist of the Year award.

Their collaboration is not just a moment but a movement. As festival season approaches, "Different Worlds" is poised to become a staple on dance floors and radio waves alike. It's a testament to the magic that happens when two artists at the top of their game come together.

For fans of melodic house and electronic pop, "Different Worlds" offers a glimpse into the future of dance music. As both Hayden James and Anabel Englund prepare for their upcoming projects, this track serves as the perfect prologue to what promises to be an exciting chapter in their careers.

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