Experience the Warmth of "Burning" by INGO x Namic


Dive into the comforting embrace of deep house with the latest collaboration from INGO and Namic, titled "Burning." This track is a masterful blend of soothing piano chords, delicate guitar strings, and the mesmerizing vocals of Sarah Bird, creating an uplifting atmosphere that's perfect for any chill playlist.

"Burning" stands out in the deep house scene for its ability to evoke a profound sense of calm while simultaneously stirring a raw excitement. The euphoric vocals by Australian singer Sarah Bird add a distinctive layer of depth to the track, marking her impressive return to the label after the success of her hit song "High," which garnered over a million streams.

INGO, the Berlin-based music prodigy, and Namic, the Belgian sensation with a strong following of 400,000 monthly listeners, have crafted a track that beautifully balances emotional resonance with a captivating beat. This song is not just a listening experience; it's an invitation to feel the warmth and joy that music can bring into our lives.

This collaboration signals a promising direction for the artists involved and the deep house genre as a whole. As we navigate through an era where music becomes a sanctuary for many, "Burning" offers a glimpse into the therapeutic power of deep house music, making it a must-add to your collection.

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