"Jon Bold Debuts with 'This Time' - A New Dawn in Melodic Techno & House"


Emerging from the vibrant landscapes of Germany's electronic music scene, Jon Bold (aka Jakob Arnold), has unveiled his debut single "This Time," marking a significant pivot in his artistic journey. Having graced the DJ decks for a decade as DJ HeartBeat, Jakob's transformation into Jon Bold is not just a rebranding, but a rebirth, embracing the depths of Melodic Techno & House and Deep House genres.

"This Time" encapsulates Jon Bold's fresh foray into music production, a journey he embarked on in 2020. With this release, Jon seeks to carve out a unique niche within the house music domain, steering away from his previous persona to fully immerse in the genre he passionately adores. The track stands as a testament to his dedication and evolving craft, showcasing lush melodies intertwined with driving beats that are sure to resonate with enthusiasts of the genre.

Jon's German roots and extensive experience behind the decks have undoubtedly influenced his sound, blending traditional elements of house music with innovative, melodic twists. "This Time" is just the beginning, with promises of more singles to follow, hinting at an exciting evolution awaiting his listeners.

Jon Bold is eager for feedback and hopes his music finds a special place among fans and new listeners alike. His commitment to developing a distinctive style within the Melodic Techno & House scene is commendable, and "This Time" is a compelling invitation to join him on this new musical journey.

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