"Karpan's 'Old Is Cool': A Timeless Tech House Gem"


Brazilian DJ Karpan, known for his dynamic presence on the touring circuit, has teamed up with the enigmatic R.O.T.H to deliver a Tech House track that reverberates with both nostalgia and innovation. 'Old Is Cool' is not just a song; it's an auditory journey that bridges the gap between the past and the present, crafted with dense vocals and a gritty bass that promises to captivate listeners.

Karpan, with an impressive discography featured on prestigious labels like Hub/Sony, Blacklizard, and Southbeat, has amassed over 200,000 streams across digital platforms. His music is a testament to his growing influence in the Tech House scene, as evidenced by his performances in renowned clubs like Park.Art, Danghai Club, and Hard Rock Cafe.

'Old Is Cool' stands out as a unique collaboration where Karpan's childhood memories intertwine with R.O.T.H's rhythmic prowess, resulting in a track that's as much a nod to the past as it is a celebration of the ever-evolving nature of music. This track is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the depth and complexity of Tech House, as it offers a refreshing take on what makes the genre so enduringly popular.

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