"Hero, Baby": The New Anthem Sparking Eurodance Revival


Norwegian electro-pop sensation KEiiNO has once again set the music world abuzz with their latest single, "Hero, Baby." Coming off the heels of their nearly successful bid to represent Norway at Eurovision with "Damdiggida," KEiiNO continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Their new track, "Hero, Baby," is a vibrant, dance-pop banger that harks back to the golden era of early 2000s Eurodance, boasting a compelling tempo of 158 BPM designed for unforgettable festival moments and dancefloor euphoria.

The release of "Hero, Baby" is timed perfectly with KEiiNO's headline show at London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern on April 6, promising an electrifying live performance. The song emerges as a dynamic successor to "Damdiggida," crafted in collaboration with Alexander Olsson and mastered by Sören von Malmborg in Stockholm. It signifies a bold new sound for the trio, blending infectious melodies with the distinct cultural elements that have become their hallmark.

Fred Buljo's joiking in Northern Norwegian adds a unique, personal touch to the song, especially poignant as he steps into fatherhood, embodying the song's universal message of heroism in everyday life. Tom Hugo and Alexandra Rotan further elevate "Hero, Baby" with their powerful vocals and engaging narratives, highlighting the group's versatility and deep emotional resonance.

Since their standout performance at Eurovision 2019, where they won the public vote, KEiiNO has become a global phenomenon. Their fusion of dance-pop with Sami and Norwegian influences has garnered over 160 million streams, topping charts and earning multiple platinum records. As advocates for inclusivity and indigenous languages, KEiiNO continues to leave a lasting impact on the music industry, championing unity and celebration through their work.

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