Lizzip x BASTL x DOXIC Unleash Deep Vibes with "I Am Free"


In the ever-evolving world of Deep House, a fresh collaboration has surfaced that demands your ears and heart. Lizzip, BASTL, and DOXIC have joined forces to deliver a mesmerizing deep house track titled "I Am Free." Released today, this song has already garnered insane support from Spotify, marking its territory in the realms of deep, soulful rhythms.

"I Am Free" is not just a song; it's an experience. The artists have meticulously crafted a deep house stutter track that resonates with the core of the genre. Its depth isn't just about the bass that pulsates through your body but also about the emotions it evokes, making you shiver with every beat. This track encapsulates the essence of freedom, wrapped in the soothing yet exhilarating layers of deep house music.

The collaboration between Lizzip, BASTL, and DOXIC is a testament to the power of synergy in the music industry. Each artist brings their unique flair to the table, culminating in a track that is both innovative and nostalgic. "I Am Free" is a beacon for the deep house community, signaling a new direction where collaboration and emotion lead the way.

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