Max Wassen Teams Up With SQWAD & Plastic Toy for Bass-Heavy Track "RICK JAMES"


Canadian rapper Max Wassen is no stranger to dominating the electronic scene with his unique style, and his latest track "RICK JAMES," featuring the talents of SQWAD and Plastic Toy, is no exception. This collaboration blends Wassen’s thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive rap flow with the bass-heavy beats synonymous with SQWAD and the finesse of French producer Plastic Toy. As track #10 on Wassen’s much-anticipated upcoming album, "RICK JAMES" embodies the energy and force that fans have come to expect from these artists.

Max Wassen, a Canadian/Swedish rapper known for his engaging storytelling and relatable lyrics, brings his all to this latest project. His journey from a bullied kid in Sweden who found solace in hip-hop to a rap sensation showcases his resilience and passion for music. His influences, ranging from The Black Eyed Peas to Eminem, have shaped his unique sound that stands out in the crowded rap scene.

"RICK JAMES" is more than just a song; it’s a statement piece in Wassen's discography. The collaboration with SQWAD and Plastic Toy adds layers of electronic beats and bass that will have listeners hitting replay. This track is perfect for those who appreciate the convergence of dance pop and rap, packed with energy that’s ideal for any playlist.

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