Nicole Fiallo & Matthew James's "Make You Dance" – A Tech House Triumph


Unlearn Records, led by the visionary DJ and producer Doc Brown, recently unveiled its latest Miami compilation, capturing the heart and innovation of Miami's dance music scene. Among the standout tracks is "Make You Dance" by Nicole Fiallo and Matthew James, a raw, pulsating tech house gem that exemplifies the compilation's ethos.

Doc Brown, a figure synonymous with the evolution of electronic music, has transitioned from a classical guitar student at the University of Miami to an influential name in the electronic music realm. His commitment to pushing musical boundaries is evident in Unlearn Records' philosophy, which champions innovation and fosters a harmonious artist-label relationship.

This compilation is not just a collection of tracks; it's a vibrant celebration of electronic music, showcasing the creativity and energy unique to Miami. "Make You Dance," with its brutal stabs and thunderous bassline, stands out as a testament to the city's influence on its artists. The compilation also features Charlie De Ville's "Circulate," AD's "Break A Sweat," and HVRST's "Pulse Rate," each contributing to the frenetic and eclectic mix of tech house treasures. Doc Brown himself adds to the collection with "Shine," a track that masterfully builds tension through intricate percussion and subtle vocals.

"Make You Dance" and the rest of the compilation epitomize the spirit of electronic music and the innovative vision of Doc Brown, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

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