The Acoustic Resonance of Rival x Diandra Faye's "Scars"


In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, there emerges a track that not only captivates but also showcases the depth and versatility of its creators. "Scars," an acoustic masterpiece released under Lost In Dreams, marks the latest collaboration between the Germanic maestro Valentin Rieff, known professionally as Rival, and the enchanting Diandra Faye.

Rival, a name synonymous with innovation and exploration within Europe's music scene, brings his rich background in jazz and classical music to the forefront of "Scars." As a seasoned pianist and composer, Rival's journey from a 2017 start-up to a pivotal figure in bass music is a testament to his unwavering dedication and creative prowess. With 1.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify and successful releases under prestigious labels like Monstercat, Insomniac, and NCS, Rival's influence is undeniable. His hit "Control" marked a significant milestone, allowing him to pursue music full-time and continue to push the boundaries of electronic music.

The collaboration with Diandra Faye adds a layer of emotional depth to "Scars," with her voice perfectly complementing Rival's acoustic arrangements. This track not only demonstrates Rival's ability to master new skills and techniques but also his desire to explore the acoustic realm, providing listeners with an experience that's both fresh and atypical.

As Rival continues to leave no stone unturned in his musical journey, "Scars" stands as a beacon of creativity and exploration. For fans and creators alike, Rival's community, notably on YouTube with over 110k subscribers and his Discord server "Rival & Friends," serves as a hub for those drawn to his innovative approach to music.

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