Transform Your Music with Audimee: The Ultimate Vocal Conversion Platform


In the digital age of music production, innovation is key to standing out. Enter Audimee – a groundbreaking platform transforming how musicians and producers create music. Audimee offers a unique solution for artists looking to explore new dimensions in their music without the limitations of copyright restrictions.

What Sets Audimee Apart?

Audimee is not just another music tool; it's a revolution in music production. Allowing musicians to convert vocals into any of Audimee's royalty-free voices, opens up endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. These generated vocals are not only copyright-free but can also be seamlessly integrated into your music, offering a fresh and unique sound that is entirely your own.

Getting Started with Audimee

Diving into Audimee's world is straightforward:

Upload or Record: Begin by navigating to the Create page, where you can upload an audio file, record directly, or choose a song for covering.

Choose a Voice: Listen to previews of Audimee's royalty-free voices and select one that complements your music.

Customize: Adjust the settings to match your vision and hit 'Convert' to transform your vocals.

Languages and Customization

While Audimee's voices are primarily trained in English, the platform encourages experimentation with other languages, providing a unique opportunity to see how your music translates globally. For those seeking a more personalized touch, Audimee offers the option to train custom voices, further expanding your creative palette.

Your Rights, Your Music

With Audimee, your music remains unequivocally yours. On a paid plan, the vocals you generate can be used for commercial purposes, allowing you to release your tracks on major platforms without needing to credit Audimee or the original voice.

Maximizing Quality

To ensure the highest quality outcomes, Audimee provides a conversion guide with tips and best practices. This resource is invaluable for artists aiming to achieve the best possible results with their music.

Beyond the Free Plan

Audimee's free plan offers a glimpse into the platform's potential, but for unlimited creative freedom, upgrading to a paid plan unlocks more conversion time and features, empowering you to bring all your musical ideas to life.

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