ButchVoyage - "Dancing Through The Night"


Denno, known artistically as ButchVoyage, is a powerhouse in the music scene, dominating since 2016 with his electrifying blend of Electro Pop, Dance Pop, and Deep House. A talented DJ, producer, songwriter, and guitarist, ButchVoyage transforms every stage he steps on, from Germany to global venues, into a pulsating festival of lights and sounds.

In his latest track, "Dancing Through The Night," ButchVoyage captures the essence of the night with his seamless mix of catchy melodies and infectious beats. His music, which perfectly encapsulates the heart and soul of House music, has not only captivated local audiences but has also reverberated through the international music landscape. His tracks, rich with profound lyrics and mesmerizing guitar arrangements, have amassed over 1 million streams, and feature prominently on German radio stations like sunshine live and Big FM.

His presence on stage is magnetic. With an innate ability to engage with the crowd and a flair for producing tracks that resonate with real-life experiences, ButchVoyage is not just playing music; he's creating an experience that keeps the dance floor alive well into the night.

As the club scene continues to thrive post-pandemic, artists like ButchVoyage are at the forefront, driving the revival of live musical performances. With his innovative sound and captivating stage presence, ButchVoyage is set to remain a significant figure in the evolving landscape of House music.

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