Fleanger x Iskarelyn - "Tomorrow"


Dive into the profound soundscapes of Fleanger's latest track, "Tomorrow," in collaboration with the enigmatic Iskarelyn. Rooted in deep house with a touch of electronica, this track is a testament to Fleanger's unique musical journey from Israel to Berlin. As the youngest artist in Israel to carve out a distinct musical identity, Fleanger continues to captivate the global electronic music scene with his signature sound.

Fleanger, whose stage name reflects his favorite music production effect—the Flanger—adds a distinct depth to his tracks, symbolizing the layers of his own experiences. From a solitary childhood where art and music became his refuge, to his ascendancy on the world stage, Fleanger's story is one of perseverance and passion. His music not only aims to entertain but also to connect with listeners on a deep emotional level, encouraging confidence and hope.

"Tomorrow" mirrors these themes, weaving a narrative of resilience and optimism. The track's pulsating beats and ethereal melodies showcase Fleanger’s ability to blend classical influences like Vivaldi and Pink Floyd with contemporary deep house rhythms.

This collaboration with Iskarelyn brings a fresh dynamic to the track, combining their talents to explore new depths of electronic music. As Fleanger continues to release new music, each track serves as a chapter in his ongoing story, inviting listeners to find solace and inspiration in their own lives.

For fans of deep house and electronica, "Tomorrow" by Fleanger x Iskarelyn is a must-listen. It's a musical journey that promises to uplift and inspire, ensuring that the pulse of deep house continues to throb in the hearts of its listeners.

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