"Heartless Binge" by Joshua Pearlstein


Emerging from the creative confines of his dorm at Berklee College of Music, Joshua Pearlstein is set to make waves with his debut single, "Heartless Binge." As a first-year student, Joshua dives deep into the realms of Dance Pop and Commercial music, blending his youthful energy and innovative soundscapes into an Adult Contemporary context.

"Heartless Binge" is a testament to Joshua's multifaceted talents, showcasing his skills not only as a songwriter and performer but also as a producer. His self-produced track is imbued with infectious beats and catchy melodies, perfectly aligning with the current trends in pop music that favor emotionally charged lyrics paired with danceable rhythms.

With the song's release just around the corner, Joshua aims to reach a broad audience and is actively seeking support to feature on various influential playlists. The potential for "Heartless Binge" to become a hit is palpable, considering the blend of engaging dynamics and relatable themes, which are particularly resonant with young adults and the streaming generation.


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