Huntr x Philip Strand's Electrifying New Track "Fix Me"


Huntr collaborates with vocalist Philip Strand to deliver an electrifying new track, "Fix Me," blending vibrant Dance Pop with elements of EDM. This dynamic duo combines Huntr's sharp production skills with Strand's emotive vocals, creating a dance floor anthem that resonates with the energy of a night out.

"Fix Me" showcases a masterful mix of thumping beats and catchy melodies, perfectly suited for both radio play and club environments. The track's lyrics speak to themes of renewal and personal transformation, common in Dance Pop but delivered with a fresh intensity by Strand.

The collaboration between Huntr and Philip Strand is a brilliant example of what happens when two distinct talents merge. Strand, known for his powerful voice and lyrical sincerity, adds depth to Huntr's polished, upbeat tracks. The result is a song that's not only fun but also emotionally resonant, reflecting current trends in EDM where tracks go beyond the surface to explore deeper emotions.

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