Mark F. Angelo x Robbie Rosen - "Next 2 ME"



Dive into the vibrant beats of "Next 2 ME," a fresh collaboration between the seasoned producer and DJ, Mark F. Angelo, and the talented singer-songwriter, Robbie Rosen. This track is an electrifying addition to the dance-pop and house music scene, with a touch of old-school house and bass/electro house that promises to get listeners on their feet.

"Next 2 ME" captures the essence of a confident and independent woman who knows her worth. The lyrics paint a picture of a woman who doesn't just thrive in solitude but is also the center of attention, turning heads wherever she goes. This theme resonates with the current trends in music that empower listeners, making it a timely release in today's empowering pop culture narrative.

The dynamic between Mark F. Angelo's pulsating beats and Robbie Rosen's compelling vocals creates a musical synergy that's hard to miss. The track's robust bass lines and catchy melody are perfect for any dance floor, aiming to become a staple in DJ sets across the globe.

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