Mistier's "Move With Me" Remixed by Alex Kenji: A Tech House Revival


Mistier, a progressive electronic music collective, partners with Italian DJ and powerhouse producer Alex Kenji to release an invigorating remix of their hit track, "Move With Me." This remix marks the latest in a series of exciting collaborations, following successful interpretations by notable artists like OFFAIAH and the duo Fonseca 72 & Anton Bass.

Alex Kenji, known for his dynamic house and tech house productions, brings his seasoned expertise to the remix. With over two decades in the music scene, Kenji's remix features a robust blend of percussive beats and pulsating synth leads. The track is adorned with atmospheric pads and strategic sound effects, all harmonized by Andre Mistier's captivating vocals. This remix is not just a track but a journey through sound that promises to light up dance floors and has already garnered attention from major platforms like Sirius XM's Liquid Todd.

Mistier, led by Andre Mistier, is more than a music project; it's a collective vision where music meets visual art, aiming to resonate on a deep emotional level with its audience. Their music often draws inspiration from transformative experiences like those found at Burning Man, blending soulful rhythms and poignant lyrics.

This new release by Alex Kenji is set to continue Mistier's journey into the electronic music scene of 2024, promising to be a staple in playlists and dance floors across the globe.

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