Discovering Shemenzo: The Innovator of Tech House in "Freak"


Tech House has a new name that echoes innovation and a mélange of the classical and the contemporary—Shemenzo. Launching his project in 2022 after years of guiding and producing for others, Shemenzo stands out with his unique approach to music. With a passion ignited by Eiffel 65's iconic "Blue (Da Ba Dee)," he was drawn to the idea that music could continually evolve and surprise.

"Freak," Shemenzo's latest track, is a testament to his vision. It blends traditional electronic rhythms with unpredictable elements that challenge the confines of Tech House. Each beat and note in "Freak" is carefully crafted to keep listeners on their toes, merging nostalgic vibes with modern twists.

Shemenzo's collaboration with Mexican DJ/Producer Dave Mak enhances this track, adding layers that are both complex and captivating. The influence of their debut work, "Llorando se Fue (Lambada)," is evident, bringing a dynamic energy that's fresh yet familiar.

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